Is there space for a new real estate agency today?

Houses, flats, land, projects, price developments, investments – things I’ve been interested in for years. Recent years have brought a lot of turbulences and changes on the Czech real estate market, prices climb to dizzying heights, real estate investments are not paying off as much as a few years ago. Meeting many real estate agents, worse and better, getting to know the strategies of realtors. All of this preceded my final determination to plunge into the real estate world. And also the desire for change, the dream of owning a business, the opportunity to build your brand.

It was clear to me from the very beginning that real estate job is not and will not be easy. It is not just a wide range of knowledge and experience that predestines a good broker, but above all, one has to realize how responsible this profession is. You often operate with all clients’ assets, and it is absolutely crucial for them to be sure that the whole process is reliable and without any risks.

It was a clear plan to start with education. Education as objective as possible. So I paid a monthly comprehensive course at the Association of Realtors of the Czech Republic. I expected a lot to learn but so much? Every day a different lecturer and every day a different topic.  Students often dedicate the whole semester at school to these subjects. Law, finance, marketing, land registry issues, real estate valuation, constructions, etc. etc. The day before the final exams, I was clogged in piles of papers and felt a neurosis that I remember only from the exam period at college. But it worked out, the tests passed (and it wasn’t funny). And now what else?

When and how to use my new knowledge and experience? It should be noted that the course rather discouraged my own business plans. Moreover I felt the burden of responsibility and I was scared with the amount of knowledge that must be known in an environment where each type of business is different and brings new challenges. Cooperation with one of the existing real estate agencies seemed to be a logical solution in my situation. After several negotiations, when I was informed that all small real estate agencies will really die out soon and I cannot work without making cold calls to people who do not want to cooperate with any broker, I knew that this simply will not work for me. I stood deadlock. The biggest change came after an interview with a friend and former classmate who runs a small real estate agency. It was finally her who convinced me that it all made sense and it was worth going. During that one morning, all fears vanished, and there was only a desire to go for it and not let anyone discourage me. So I did it. Next time I will talk about my start.

A short note about today’s real estate market in the Czech Republic. Assuming that so far there have been virtually no requirements and rules for this profession, we have a lot of brokers, really a lot, even the densest network regarding the population. The idea of ​​another new real estate agency may seem crazy. But I believe it will be improved. I believe that new rules for the real estate business will uprate the whole market and there will be those experienced and those who want to educate themselves. I hope that popular realtors will stop promising high salaries and unrealistic conditions. And I believe there is still room for those who want to do it better, with above-standard communication and services and with maximum care at every step of cooperation. And I dare to say that all this can be done even better without being bound by the rules of big brands. Although the resounding names may seem to be a guarantee of quality, I believe that this profession is much more about people. And if you are satisfied, it makes no difference if there is a world-famous name or Redwood Real Estate written on the business card you keep. I believe I’ll convince you.