About us

Why Redwood? Redwood is a type of sequoia, one of the oldest and tallest trees on Earth, it has incredible strength and durability and it is able to overcome fires and other adverse conditions. It is one of the most symbolic trees and represents values ​​such as safety, stability, life force, and security.

And these are the values ​​of this real estate agency. It is different in approach. I pay attention to responsible work, reliability, communication and my aim is to build long-term cooperation with clients. To sell is not the final stage. I do not have my hands tied by rules, which gives me a unique opportunity for personal approach and complete flexibility. Whether selling, renting, consulting or other services, I always adapt professional approach to your needs. And I hope you will be happy to come back to.

Redwood Real Estate is the fulfillment of my dream of own real estate business. Not only studying communications at a foreign university, years of experience in business and marketing, but also an extensive professional education, allows me to do my job fully-fledged and to choose the best ways to make individual business cases more effective. I successfully passed the proficiency and professional qualification examinations accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as part of the educational program of the Association of Realtors of the Czech Republic.

I will be looking forward to our prospective cooperation, but do not hesitate to contact me even if you just want to discuss or consult anything. I’m here for you.

Anneta Kudrnova, owner of Redwood Real Estate


Sale and rent of properties

Apartment, house, land or commercial property - we always take care of the complete process of selling or renting and ensure a safe cooperation of every business case. We will also help you to find the right property both for your living and investment opportunities.

Complete legal service

In cooperation with a reputable law firm we will provide you with certainty and professional support at every stage of the business. Of course there is also the possibility of legal deposit and advice at the highest level.

Financial consulting

With a partner company focused on comprehensive services in the area of financial consulting and insurance, we will offer you a convenient solution for the most effective financing of your property even without the need of regular visits to the bank.

Properties abroad

If you want to fulfill your dream of owning a property abroad, or consider it as an interesting investment opportunity, we will be happy to guide you through the whole process from searching to buying. Together we overcome any language barrier and fear of unknown.

Exceptional care

We are not bound by corporate rules and so we can always be absolutely flexible to respond to your requirements and needs. We put special emphasis on communication, which is extremely important in our field. The use of the most suitable marketing tools is guaranteed..

Additional services

It doesn't end up by selling your property. We will be happy to help you make everything perfect. Whether you need help with moving, small construction work, painting, estimating the value of your property, home staging or home designer service. You don't have to worry about anything.

Cooperation stages

Meeting the client and the property - presentation of real estate agency, our possibilities and stages of cooperation, identification of client's needs and priorities and getting information about the property.
Market and property analysis, presentation to the client together with recommendations concerning the preparation of property for sale or rent and real market price assesment.
Property presentation
Presentation of the property so that it evokes the right emotions - processing of quality materials in the form of text, photography and preparing the most suitable marketing tools for the property. Everything is continuously consulted with the client.
Property visits
Property visits and other targeted addressing of potential buyers, getting feedback from buyers and tenants (including their creditworthiness), continuous communication with the client, and suggestions for next steps and recommendations to speed up the sale or lease process.
Sale / rent process
The process of sale or rent of your property - comprehensive administrative support in the preparation of all contracts, business terms, financing, legal deposit, transaction closing.
Completion of the business case
Completion of the process, management in the land register, property handover, release of money from the legal deposit, energy transfers, additional services after a business transaction - tax return to the acquisition tax, or other services as required by the client.


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